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1st February 2007

3:08am: Come with me and you can see, our future in debris.

22nd January 2007

11:57am: Photos!
Hey everyone, I'm currently in the process of making a picture wall. For those that don't know, pixum are doing 4"x6" prints for 1p a print, until the end of Jan. So I thought i'd take advantage of this and get some photos pritned of my friends, as I currently have none. I've sorted out the uni pics but I really need some of the old crew! So if anyone has any high-quality (i.e straight from the camera, not the 'net) then would you possibly be able to send me them? I don't want you to sort through and pick out pictures, literally send me whole folders from various days out if you have them, I want to print loads of them off.

So if anyone does have photos, you can email them to me (you all have my email address I'd have thought) or yousendit or whatever. I'm especially after photos from Paris and the prom.


9th December 2006

12:01am: Well it turned out that I did indeed get a wii today and it is the dog's bollocks. That's really all that needs to be said. It's immense fun, Twilight Princess is such a legendary game and the control scheme is pure genius. You can all see it in a week's time!

26th November 2006

4:20pm: Oww, my groin :(
Current Mood: Pained

23rd November 2006

6:37pm: Happy thanksgiving!
Current Mood: hungry

3rd November 2006

8:27pm: Hey I'm in Oxford now! More to come later.

29th October 2006

10:01pm: Back to reality
Ok well I'm back in Manchester now. It's so depressing coming back. The weather is worse, my room is messy, the food is crappier,I don't have my family here and I miss my friends. And I didn't get a seat on the fucking train.
Current Mood: depressed

26th October 2006

12:58pm: My Japanese book arrived :D
Current Mood: happy

16th October 2006

12:18pm: Photo time!
Ok well I thought it was about time I updated with a picture post! Later on, I'll update with a picture of everyone on my floor, but I need pictures of them first.
So here we go!Collapse )
11:36am: Is the snellios gallery still up? If so, what's the URL?

12th October 2006

9:52pm: Ok i'm really worried that my Inui cosplay will really suck. So I need ideas from about 1) where to get some decent glasses or 2) who else I could go to expo as.

I'll make another post in a little while about uni!

8th October 2006

3:45am: As per Kevin's request, I'm making this post to say that a bus fare here is 60p.

7th October 2006

9:23pm: Entry to Tiger Tiger: £5
Storage for coat: £1
2 double vodka and coke: £11.40
My outrage: Priceless

29th September 2006

I just got my 1st semester timetable so I thought I'd show you guys.

My timetableCollapse )

27th September 2006

12:55pm: Reflection
Hmm I'm in a bit of a reflective mood today. I was just thinking how an entire chapter of my life is over. All the things I've done at Ricky, all the people etc. it's all behind me. It's weird to think about, because I was there for 7 years so I'm so used to it. It's just really odd thinking of all the lessons I had there, all the time we spent in the common room, all the times we spent playing football, all that kinda stuff. It's quite scary as well.
Current Mood: thoughtful

25th September 2006

4:35pm: Mmmm, food
Hello everyone! I'm updating again from sunny, sunny Manchester.

Well I'm now officially done with freshers week. Which is kind of weird actually.

Last night was so awesome. We decided that for dinner, we were going to cook a curry for 11 people. So we all helped cook this curry (well, 3 different meats and 3 different sauces), headed up by the guy at #2, Gavin. It was really cool, we all did different stuff, and had music (chosen by me *mwahaha*). Then we all sat down and ate at a table and listened to classical music. It was kind of weird because everyone was like "this isn't uni, wut" etc. It was also really nice to, it felt so friendly and stuff as well, almost like I'd been with these people for ages anyway. Still would have been nice to have some of the Watford crew there but there's not much I can do about that.

So anyway, settling in has been suprisingly easy. At some point this week I'm going to post pictures of everyone on my floor and a brief description, just for your amusement.

That's all for now!

22nd September 2006

3:19am: Wow
Fucking hell, what a night! 5th Avenue is officialy the best club I've ever been to. For those not in the know, it's an indie club in Manchester, about 5 minutes from my halls. Tonight, Vodka and Red Bull was £1! One fucking pound! As it turned out I was too busy dancing to get really mashed but I had a few to get me moving. Just to give you an idea, here are my favourite songs from the evening:

Just- Radiohead
Supermassive Black Hole- Muse
Smack my bitch up- Prodigy {this was kind of weird, for about 15 minutes, he put on just some dancey/raving music which was a great change of pace}
F.E.A.R- Ian Brown
Banquet- Bloc Party
Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt- We Are Scientists
Killing In The Name- Rage Against The Machine

The DJ seemed to bum the killers a but too much though, and none of my requests were honoured (included Kasabian, Electric 6, Feeder, Interpol) which sucked a bit.

Anyway, hope you're all having fun in Watford, those of you that are left anyway. Good Luck to those of you leaving soon/left already!
Current Mood: tired

15th September 2006

2:09pm: Oh and also, thank you to everyone who wished me goodluck and stuff! It means alot to me, and it's really nice to get txts from people, so cheers again.
1:43pm: Hello everyone! I finally located some IT facilities.

So, my first day of uni. Had to get up at 5:30 (didn't sleep through the alarm before anyone says anything :P) and packed everything. Tried to not cry when saying goodbye to my family, but failed. The journey was ok, except dad missed the turning for the m6 and didn't notice till 7 junctions later, so that added about half hour onto the journey time. Then because of that, we approached Manchester from a different direction than I thought. Therefore, all my directions were useless XD

So anyway, eventually made it to the hall, collected my keys. On first impression, I was a bit shocked by how crappy the room seemed. Although I have to say that after unpacking everything, it made it a whole lot better. There's a sink in the room (although it isn't exactly a generous basin) and a desk and stuff and it's overall quite nice. When I get the internet in my room working then I'll post pictures but for now you'll have to use your imagination.

It was absolutely chucking it down yesterday as well which kinda sucked because it started raining while I was still unloading stuff from the car :/

My dad left me at about 2 o'clock and then I was just on my own. I also discovered that there is pretty much nobody else on my floor (at the time anyway). I decided to put a sign up on my door with my name, and just left the door open and sure enough I get visitors by the dozen! Ok that's a blatant lie, I got 1 visitor, a guy named Bill. He lives across the corridor from me and is currently sitting at the PC next to me. He's quite cool, he likes rock climbing. I'll post a picture of him later on.

So I had time to bum around for a bit before the party that evening. It started at 8 and was held in the common room downstairs in my hall. Now, it was a pretty awkward start because there wern't that many people there. Luckily I knew Bill so I had at least someone to talk to. I don't think I've ever finished a can of Kronenbourg so quickly in my life. Oh yes, I must point out that there were free drinks. Smirnoff Ice or Kronenbourg. After that first can of K, I swallowed my pride and stuck to smirnoff. Once the drinks were flowing though, it was really cool. I met another guy from Watford/Bushey! Later in the evening, a group of us went off into Manchester for some alternative entertainment (don't get me wrong, plain walls and a few brown couches are great but after a while...). We ended up in mostly gay bars and accidently crashing someone's private party, but they didn't seem to even notice. But we left anyway. We eventually ended up in some pretty cool bar with possibly the most awesome thing I've ever seen: A chocolate fountain with dippable strawberries,cookies, mini doughnuts and marshmellows on cocktail sticks! I'll also post pictures of that later on. After that, we pretty much headed back.

So, that was the first day and night. I have to say I was so astounded by how easy it was to get settled here. I was worried for no reason really. Luckily the weather is nice today ^_^

Anyway, that's it from me for now. I'll probably make another one tomorrow, there's another party tonight. Although I have a bit of a headache so I dunno how much I'll be drinking.

I hope you guys are all ok and stuff, you'll all love uni!
Spring, Harriet, Katie: I hope you guys have a good journey home, I'll see you all for expo!

I'm also really really sorry if I upset anyone with my crappy phone goodbyes. I really didn't mean to, I'm just an idiot XD But seriously, it isn't that long before we see eachother again anyway.

See you all soon!

14th September 2006

12:15am: Bye bye!
Ok I guess this is my last LJ post from Watford for a while. For those of you not aware, I'm off to Manchester tomorrow/today. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who made the last 7 years of my life fun. It's been fucking brilliant knowing you all and this really isn't the end by any means. It's quite sad really but also exciting although I'm really missing everyone already
and it feels so weird.

So yeah, thanks for everything, I don't really have the space and time to do any really detailed thank-you's right now but still. At the very latest I'll see you all at christmas time and if I'm down for an odd weekend or so, I'll see who's about. And of course I'll hopefully be at Expo, SPRING/HARRIET/KATIE/BARRY need to find me someone good to cosplay as!!!

see you all soon

P.S The BBATHOP ep will be released shortly at the low low price of £1. I expect you all to buy a copy!
Current Mood: sad

10th September 2006

7:57pm: Hoo hoo, i'm Boner Joners I can''t be trusted around mareez. Ha! Ha! I'm using teh internet. I'm moving backwards...into a man.


17th August 2006

1:09am: SUGOII!!!!
I'm so pleased, I actually ran home from the pub! I hadn't had many pints (1 or 2 at most) but still, I was pleased I made it all the way from school (I was at the sportsman) back to my house. Thanks to the wonders of opeth, I ran for nearly half hour without stopping. GO ME!!!!!

12th August 2006

1:06am: Summary, FUUUUU~!
Ok well, since bazzarati, springhazsprung and waka_laka have made proper posts about Devon and I've made an emo post about it (locked to only a few people though), I feel that it is only approproate for me to summarise the action of the week in quotes.

Note that these aren't in chronological order, and some of them aren't technically quotes but whatever.

Strawberry Lollipop
"I only got a B on crash, WTF?"- AJ
"I only uses *these* 2 fingers!" - Harriet
"20 times in 1 day"
"kitchen utensils"
"AJ + Bull + Bear = OT3"
"I'm getting moist!" - Kevin
"I'm buff" - Spring
"ruff buff"
"From Paris to Berlin, in every disco I've been in...."
"I have a nice rack"- Spring
"Mrs Columbini needs this to have sex....CRANE!!!" (During a game of Tabboo)
"keziah" - Barry (cue laughter from Harriet and Spring and Katie)
Barry/Luke slash
Katie/Katie = OTP
Boy Love
"Please carry on while I touch myself right now"- Mareez to Luke and Josh
Harriet and the Bullet Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kevin:" You should use this but some people don't" AJ: "SOAP!" (During a game of Tabboo)
Heavy Breathing *nudges barry*
The Shark game and back pain

Ok I think that'll do for now. I'll add more as I think of them.

4th August 2006

10:01pm: Well I'm off to Devon tomorrow for anyone that didn't know. I'm back on Thursday so I shall see you all next week or after.
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